Hideaway In Westmoreland

A narrow path through the bush leads to a hideaway on the river in Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Years ago a friend of mine and I were touring around the island trying to hit all the landmark spots. We hit Mandeville, Negril, Black River and the south coast among other places. Someone had recommended I should check out this little slice of paradise in Westmoreland, if I could find it.

We did find it after some difficulty but were even more surprised that we did actually find it at all. The place owned by this Rastaman who had purchased the property some years ago after he had moved back from Canada. He has about 3-4 places he rents out to people who somehow find out about him. The place was pretty incredible, he had planted everything on the property himself. Mangoes, papaya, coconut, ackee, sour-sop, pomegranate, pineapple, fruit trees of all kinds, herbs, spices, flowers are everywhere, not to mention the river and the different “bottomless” pools on the property. The accommodations were very “rootsy” to say the least. The place we rented was lets say just a step below Gilligan’s Island style, but at least it did have screens covering one of the walls, the rest was thatched palm fronds.

This shack was built partly right over a river, you could hear the river roaring under the wooden floor. Out back was the river with a nice natural whirlpool big enough for about 4 people. The water was cold and the current strong so it was a nice place to cool off and relax. It was one of those places where there is nothing to do, nothing, but relax and enjoy the beauty. We stayed a day or two and relaxed and ate some amazing food up at the little “restaurant”.

I could go into more detail and say much more about this beautiful place, but, as we were getting ready to leave, packing up our things, the Rasta came to see us. He was telling us how nice it was to have us visit and enjoy his place, we thanked him as well for all the hospitality, but then he made some cryptic remarks about maybe we should not tell anyone where we had been. He went on saying maybe he doesn’t want to be found out. Basically what he was saying is he did not want his slice of paradise to get ruined by too many people finding it, and after staying there I can understand his point exactly. It happens all over the island, a nice out-of-the-way spot gets discovered, then popular, then gets ruined by too many people visiting. As we left we assured him his secret was safe with us and we would honor his wishes and tell no one.

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