New Projects

This page is dedicated to new projects and work. The next project I’m working on will be a “Best of” blog post from Blessings All Over. The book will highlight the most popular post from the last year and will also include more information about the photographs and their locations. The book will be a limited edition of 25 copies and also will include an 8×10 museum quality print from the book.

4 comments on “New Projects”

  1. Hello I just found this blog and it’s great! Would love to hear more about this book and I def want to get copy!

  2. Just ran across your blog – it’s excellent. Saw Ijahman Rita the other week in concert and was searching for some information on him when I came across your blog.

    Thanks for the posts.

  3. Hello, I would like to thank you for this blog and photos. I would like to ask about your book. It is already released? How much does it cost? I haven’t found anywhere your e-mail. I am preparing an article about Earl Chinna Smith and I wanted to ask you, Can I use one of your photos?

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