Chalice Live At Sunsplash

Wayne Armond of Chalice live at Reggae Sunsplash in Montego Bay. (1996)

Chalice has been around in one incarnation or another for over 30 years. Their live shows at Sunsplash were legendary. With songs like, “Stew Peas”, “Dangerous Disturbances”, “Good To Be There”, Can’t Dub”, “I Still Love You”, “Praise Him”, they were a Jamaican favorite. They were also one of the few full reggae bands in Jamaica.

When I did my book Reggae Island in the early 90’s I used hang out at their place quite often and watch and listen to them rehearse. I’ve always admired Chalice for their musical talent and song writing. Chalice guitarist Wayne Armond is a great guy and a multi-talented musician who has kept himself busy over the years working on many different projects, most recently touring with Monty Alexander. In the picture above Wayne sings one of my favorite Chalice tunes, “Heroes”, I had always thought the first few lines of the song were so telling of Kingston.

“Kingston streets are so dear to me, yet a cancer grows in our society. And they poisoning the young ones minds with chemicals and guns. Is this the way to raise your daughter, or to raise your sons”

The chorus goes on to say ..

“Fret not thyself for the things to come, the pestilence and the nuclear bomb. The evil that men do will soon come to an end, and the pure in heart shall rise again …”

Chalice is still active today and has done quite a bit of session work for many of today’s top artist and producers.

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