Brigadier Jerry

Brigadier Jerry, live at Reggae Sunsplash, Montego Bay (1988?)

The General, live and direct at Reggae Sunsplash. Briggy has always been one of my favorite conscious deejays. This was a great session with the highlight being a medly by Yellowman, Charlie Chaplin and Briggy.

He began early in his career as a stand up comedian before going into the music biz. He was a student of the DJ legend U-Roy and the Sturgrav Sound System he made a name for himself preaching against slackness in the dancehall. With tunes like, “Jamaica Jamaica”, “Ishen”, “Three Blind Mice” and on of my favorites “Every Man Mi Bredrin” where he calls out all the other rival DJ’s as his friend. Briggy is still on the road today spreading his conscious message worldwide.

One comment on “Brigadier Jerry”

  1. Where is “Natty”? who used to DJ with Briggie on the famous JahLove Muzik HiFi?

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