Buju Banton

Buju Banton at home in Kingston. (1999?)

Today is Buju’s 45 birthday. While he is still behind bars for his drug conviction, he now only has 145 more days to go (as of today) until his December 8th release. I hear he already has new music ready, we can only wait for him to be free to hear his new message.

I got to know him over the years and he was always a good bredrin. I had the opportunity to photograph him many times, even a young bald headed Buju in 1992 for my book Reggae Island. It was also around this time he was just beginning to have some huge hits on the charts and was getting more and more attention from the music industry. When his LP Mr. Mention, was released in 1992 it became the best-selling album in Jamaican history at that time.  We can only hope he comes out with some crucial lyrics and is able to do some shows for those of us who have been waiting so long. Happy Earthday Buju !!