Palm Tree

A palm tree at Traveler’s Beach Resort in Negril. (2016)

I shot this image this summer on a short trip with the family to Negril. It was a nice but too short 4 day trip where we did nothing but hang out in the water and go out for great food. Traveler’s Beach is a nice hotel near the end of the 7 mile beach. It has recently went under some reservations and is a quite friendly place, it’s always nice to hear “Welcome back”. It seems to be a favorite with Jamaican’s since that’s who I mostly saw staying there. I have stayed there a few times since it was recommended to me by a producer friend of mine. I like it because it is kind of further away from all the major beach crowds, but is still not too far to walk to most of the other beach activities and local food places. The price is also really reasonable so check it out if you are looking for quiet friendly place.


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