Pan Head

Anthony “Pan Head” Johnson out front of New Name studio in Kingston.

Pan Head like other deejays recorded for many different producers so I used to run into him often at various studios. I probably have more photos of him than most other deejays of the time, simply because he was everywhere. Always sharply dressed, with lots of gold jewelry, when he saw me he would give me a look and pose for the camera. Some say he was on the way to the top as a deejay with tunes like Punny Printer and later African Princess. 1992 was also the period of the gun tune and he put out a two of his own,  Respect Gunman and Gunman Tune. Ironically he was shot and killed by gunman. On October 10th 1993 as he was leaving a dance in Maverley when he was shot in the head, they said it was a robbery, his killers have never been found. After his death the deejay community was outraged and several artist including Beenie Man, Buju Banton, and Capelton came out with songs against gun violence.

Here is part of what he had to say when I interviewed him in 1992 for my book Reggae Island.

“Reggae music must go on, you know hard work the key to success. You have man like Bob Marley, and before Bob Marley so the work must go on from stage to stage. We just have to work to carry it further, ’cause the way reggae music go, the work of I & I  now to continue where Bob Marley and them left off. Music is a whole, music is not for one man, so it up to we, the next generation, to carry it on. In the past few years reggae take off like a rocket, you know, wailin’ in Japan, wailin’ in Europe, wailin’ in Africa, reggae has spread out. Music Alone shall live.”

7 comments on “Pan Head”

  1. Great pic as usual. There is a brilliant pic of Panhead in the Rough Guide to Reggae book, I think he is outside Arrows, and if I’m not mistaken you took that one as well

  2. I doubt you’re active and more so that I’ll get a (direct) answer, but did you happen to know Pan Head’s birthday? Also, do you have any more pictures of him? He’s my favourite 90’s dancehall artist. Ive been inspired by him and wanted to get as much info as possible on the DJ. Blessings.

    • No sorry I do not know his birthday. I do have mor pics of him as well ..

      • Okay. What others do you have?I’ve only seen a limited amount online including this one. That are from you. There’s one with him doing the Star of David hand sign that I’ve seen but the quality is very poor blown up. Do you have that in clearer quality?

      • I will have to find them before I post more. The quality is poor because I only post low resolution images so they can not be printed out.

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