Kirk, Tex & Massop hanging out in Waterhouse. (1992)

First off, I want to thank everyone who has followed my blog. This post is my 200th post. While it was slow going at first, more and more people are visiting to check out the photos. Thank you all again and stay tuned.

This image was shot during one of the many occasions we would hang out in Waterhouse. I took a lot of photos this particular day, almost all of them are out on the streets.

Tex was a good friend who helped me out in so many ways whenever I was in Jamaica. If I needed something done, anything,  Tex was the man, if I needed to find someone, I called Tex. We traveled all over the island checking out Jamaica’s beautiful countryside. North coast, south coast, the west end, country and all over Kingston, we went everywhere. When you were with Tex the main idea was to have a good time, and that we did. I owe him and his crew a huge debt of gratitude, without them many of my photos would not have been possible.

Tragically Tex was killed in a car accident in Kingston several years ago. I miss him every time I’m in Jamaica and think about where we might have gone or what we would have done.

This 200th post is livicated to you my bredrin. Tex, big up and Jah guide.

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