Two Dogs

Two dogs face off in Greenwich Town. (2006)

Dogs are everywhere in Jamaica, people have them in their yard for protection or as a kind of alarm. The skinny dogs also roam the streets and beaches looking for food. I remember one time I was walking home and was attacked by four dogs who were startled when I walked by their house and they came running out of their gate and attacked me. I was able to fend them off with a beer bottle I had but not before being bit on my ankle. The lady who owned them came running out and was very sorry about what had happened. I limped on home and when my friend Harris saw what had happened he said ” You want me to guh kill dem for you?” I told him, “No that was OK, I’ll deal with it” I went to the doctor several days later just to make sure it was OK and the doctor said it was fine but should of had stitches. So beware of waking sleeping dogs….

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