Ijahman Levi

A jovial Ijahman Levi in NYC, shot in the mid 90’s while I was doing some head shots for his latest project. Great guy, we just hung out at his hotel talking music and taking pictures, this is the one I liked. Ijahman has always been under rated as an artist in my opinion, he deserves more credit with wicked tunes like Jah Heavy Load, Lilly Of My Valley & Africa, I never get tired of hearing those.

In 1992-3 he and Bunny Wailer and Ras Michael did this daytime show for Haile Selassie’s birthday at Hope Gardens in Kingston, what struck me about this killer show was that there was only about 150(or less) people there which really surprised me but in a way made the show that much better.

He also told me a story about a photo of Bob Marley and Jacob Miller that pops up now and then in some publications, apparently he is also in the photo, on Bob’s right hand side, but he was cropped out of the photo when it was first published. I recall the photo, I think I have seen some posters of it (sans Levi), it was taken at Bob’s house on the steps in back. I never would of known Ijahman was also in the photo. I guess every picture does tell a story.


One comment on “Ijahman Levi”

  1. Just saw him concert (Feb 2012) – it was a spiritual music fest.

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