Massive Dread in Trench town

Massive Dread smokes the chalice in Trench town with Bobby and reggae legend Earl “Chinna” Smith and others. Massive Dread was a singer, a community leader and a true soldier who was very respected in Trench town. In January 1995  his voice was tragically silenced for good when gunman shot him 9 times as he stood in his doorway. He was a huge figure in the community and his funeral a big event that was attended by hundreds of people from the area. Massive was the one who was helping me work on a book about Trench town. I had already taken many photos for the project when it had to be put on hold, over a few years time three people helping me had been shot and killed and one left Jamaica for a safer environment.

3 comments on “Massive Dread in Trench town”

  1. The light in this photo is heavenly. Jah Bless Massive Dread. Another Brian Jahn classic.

  2. Massive Dread was one a major part of the inception & beginnings of thTrenchTown Reading Centre on First Street in 1993..still going strong and growing. Massive..a good friend & easy to work with..we also attempted to join with some conflucting areas for the greater good. Sadly Massive left us far too soon. Bless Up Massive B

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