Ship Wreck

This is one of three shipwrecks along the Palisadoes beach on the way to Port Royal. There are a few of these at different points around the island. A few weeks ago I was watching an old episode of Jacques Cousteau on TV that was (much to my surprise) in Jamaica (was 1960’s ?) they were swimming around a big ship wreck at some other location. The surf was pretty rough but they managed to climb inside the ship through a hole in bow, it was all rusted out and I doubt that very much if it remains today, I wish I knew what coast they were on. Several years back I had my friend Tex drive me out to shoot some photos of the ships washed up. I had asked him, “I wonder how long this ship will be here?” also saying I was surprised that no one had tried to salvage any of it for the metal. Tex just bust out in one of his loud signature laughs, “Brian, this is Jamaica, it will be here for-ever!” I thought for a moment and decided he was right. This particular ship is huge, I wanted to go up on the ship but the surf was raging pretty good and the ladder going up looked pretty shaky, another time perhaps. I did see this ship appear a while ago on a Beenie Man CD cover and have seen some fashion shots from on it as well. The other ships on this beach are a bit smaller and more buried in the sand. I have no idea how long any of these have been here or how they ended up here, but they are photogenic. After shooting we drove out to Port Royal for some fish and Red Stripes.


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