Heroes Mural

Heroes Mural in Trench Town. (1998)

This mural depicts four important figures in Jamaican culture and history, Bob Marley, Haile Selassie, Marcus Garvey and Nanny.

Marcus Garvey whom the Rastafarians consider a prophet was also Jamaica’s 1st National hero. Nanny the well-known leader of the Maroons was also proclaimed a National hero by the Jamaican government in 1976. Her image is also on the five hundred-dollar bill, which is affectionately called, a “Nanny”.

There has been talk and petitions trying to give Bob Marley National Hero status as well, but to most Jamaicans he is already the islands biggest hero. In 2001 the Bob Marley Museum, his former home on Hope Road was declared a protected national heritage site.

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