Steel Pulse

By: Brian Jahn

Dec 06 2013

Category: Reggae music

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Steel Pulse taking a break during a video shoot in New York City. (1993)

The members of Steel Pulse take a brief break during the filming of their video “Taxi Driver”. The video was shot in various locations around New York City and L.A. The clips shot in L.A. feature cameos by Jay Leno and Robert Townsend, who played a taxi driver.

The idea from the song stems from when David Hinds challenged the NYC Taxi & Limo Commission in the Supreme Court. He was stating that taxi drivers were discriminating against black people, specially Rastafarians by refusing to pick them up. The case was later dropped, but I do think we was right. I’ve seen this first hand. Several times after reggae shows I’ve had to flag down a taxi for some of my Rasta friends because the taxis would refuse to stop for them. Just like the song says, the drivers would always say they were “off duty”, or the other famous NYC taxi line “I don’t go to Brooklyn”.

This particular spot is near the base Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn and looks back at the iconic old NYC skyline with the Twin Towers.

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