Scientist and guitarist Larry White backstage in Philadelphia. (1991?)

Producer, engineer and dub-master Overton Brown, better known as “Scientist” shares a laugh backstage with guitarist Larry White. Scientist got his start fixing radios and then as an assistant to King Tubby in the mid 70’s. After leaving Tubby’s he went on to work at several of Kingston’s major studios like Channel One and Tuff Gong. In the 80’s he produced and engineered dozens of acclaimed dub albums. The Roots Radics being one of his biggest collaborators during this period.  In 2005 he won (an undisclosed sum) suing the makers of the video game Grand Theft Auto for using some of his music without permission. He continues to fight for his rights against copyright infringement going after the companies he says have been ripping him off, and others, for the last 30 years. He said the GTA suit has given him the money to continue the fight the fight against the music pirates. Today he is still busy, he set up a dub website ( for all things dub, and is working on a line of electronics, he still continues to produce & mix dub, releasing two CD’s in 2011.

This was a shot from backstage at a Frankie Paul show in Philadelphia, Scientist was doing the sound. I can’t remember the club but it was pretty small and as usual the ladies were going crazy over Frankie Paul. My next post will be a shot from that FP concert so stay tuned.

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