Two Deejays

Two guys (deejays) outside of Black Scorpio Studios in Waterhouse. (1998)

If you stop by any studio in Kingston, there will always be a crowd hanging around. Most are kids, young, hungry deejays waiting for their chance to be heard and “bus out” (make it big). Some have never even been in the studio, other are waiting to be brought in to show their lyrical skills on the latest riddim.  Many of today’s big artist started this way, over the years I’ve met several of these determined youths and have actually seen some of them reach international reggae stardom. It’s a tough business, but like any business, if you have the skills and determination you can make it. This has always been  the dream for the musical minded youths of Kingston. If you have seen the movie “The Harder They Come” there is a scene where the “Boss” is entering the studio gates and is surrounded by youths vying for his attention.

I remember taking this photo. After being inside the studio for most of the afternoon, I went out for some fresh air and more cold Red Stripes. I shot some pictures of some of the guys outside when these two approached me and ask me to take their pic, I can’t remember who they say they were but what I still remember is that there were no lenses in the glasses the guy was wearing..

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