Panhead (Anthony Johnson)  at New Name Studio in Kingston. (1992)

Panhead was about to go international with two singles “African Princess” and “Poor People Government” and he just had an album out on the Jammy’s label. He would never achieve that international exposure since he was tragically gunned down in October of 1993. He was leaving a dance in Maverley and was shot in the head in what they said was a robbery, his killers have never been found. After his death the deejay community was outraged and several artist including Beenie Man, Buju Banton, and Capelton came out with songs against gun violence.

The PIC said according to reports from Maverly Police, Johnson (Panhead) had driven his car home and shortly after several explosions were heard in the vicinity of his apartment. Other occupants of the house went to investigate and found Johnson laying in a pool of blood with a bullet wound to the head. Three armed men were also seen running from the scene. According to Panhead’s wife, he was at Arrows studio when a dispute developed. She said he was smoking marijuana in the studio and was told not to. He refused and was escorted out of the studio by the Police.

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