Yamie Bolo

Yamie Bolo plays guitar at Hellshire Beach, Jamaica. (1998?)

I’ve always liked Yamie Bolo’s sound, not to mention he has some wicked tunes. Starting out in the mid 80’s with Sugar Minott’s Youth Promotion and later recording some of his best work with Augustus Pablo Rockers crew in the late 80’s, early 90’s. He has always stayed true to his Rasta roots producing many inspirational tunes. I have known Bolo since the early 90’s when he was working with Pablo. He was cranking out some crucial tunes back then, I fondly remember listening to him and reggae guitar legend Earl “Chinna” Smith working out some new tunes. The photo above was from a trip we (Bolo, Chinna, myself and a few others) all took out to Hellshire one day to eat some roast fish and do a few pictures.

His music is listened to around the world and has also been very popular overseas.  In Japan, Australia, Britain, France, USA and Germany he has been an ambassador for reggae music worldwide. Bolo’s biggest commercial success came in Japan with “Love is Dangerous”, his 1994 album with Japanese singer Miya, sold over 500,000 copies in Japan, it’s now hard to find but it for sure worth checking out.

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