Domino Club

Massop stands outside a domino club in Waterhouse. (1993)

When I was doing my book Reggae Island, I would spend a lot of time in Waterhouse. The Corporate area is known for producing some of reggae’s top stars and producers, like Junior Reid,  Black Uhuru, as well as the producers King Tubby, King Jammy and Bobby Digital. Jammys’ studio is still stands as an icon of the community in Waterhouse.

When I wasn’t hanging out at the various studios there, I would be out on the street with some of my bredrin, taking photos, drinking Red Stripes and Guinness and eating food. I have a pretty good collection of photos from this period. In the photo above Massop drinks a Guinness in front of the local Domino club.

Anyone who has been to Jamaica knows that playing dominoes is a National pastime and a big part of everyday life for many Jamaicans. Tournaments are held all over the island and are taken very serious by its competitors and many take great pride in playing and competing at the highest levels. It has sometimes even turned deadly when a game gets too heated as disputes often arise resulting in someone getting killed. Dominoes is a serious ting for sure.

2 comments on “Domino Club”

  1. Love the words and picture, very descriptive of what must have been quite a time to be in JA.

  2. Thanks Jerry, I had a blast !!

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