Glady Anderson

The legendary Gladdy Anderson plays piano at Tuff Gong Studio in Kingston (2003?)

Pianist Gladstone “Gladdy” Anderson is pictured here during a session at Tuff Gong Studio. Gladdy is of course a legendary musician in reggae music, he is the one who is credited with coming up with the term “Rock Steady”. He said when describing the Hopeton Lewis song, Take It Easy, (which he also played on) saying “It rocks steady..” and the name had stuck ever since. He played on hundreds of sessions during his lifetime, including many of reggae legends including the Skatalites, Alton Ellis, Hopeton Lewis, Roy Shirley as well as working for producers Coxone Dodd, Bunny Lee, Harry Mudie, Leslie Kong and others. In the 1960’s he worked with Stranger Cole as Stranger & Gladdy recording several hits like Just Like A River. He later fronted his own band in the 70’s Gladdy’s All-Stars which played on numerous sessions as well. An artist in his own right, his debut solo LP  It May Sound Silly, was released in 1972, and was a best-seller in Jamaica when it was released.  In 1973 Jazz flautist Herbbie Mann recorded several reggae tunes featuring Gladdy on keys. He was also one of the several keyboard players in The Roots Radics band. In 2009 Hip Hop artist Jay-Z even used a sample from his tune Already Home. Sadly Gladdy left us in 2015 at the age of 81, but his music will live on.

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