Deejays at Jammy’s

A group of Deejays & singers outside Jammy’s studio in Kingston. (1998)

At any studio in Kingston you will always find a group of young and hungry deejays and singers waiting for a chance to “bus(t) out”. Many are just waiting for a producer to give them a chance, to hear their ting. All you have to do is ask to hear a tune and many will be more than happy to sing for you, just in case you “know” someone who will give them a chance. I have seen some who have patiently waited for the chance to become the next big thing, and have actually done it. Luciano or Lady Saw comes to mind. I used to see them hanging out waiting for a break, and they got it, and became reggae super stars.

I remember the producer Castro Brown at New Name Studio once telling me about Luciano, ” You mus hear ‘im, he’s gonna be the next Bob Marley”, it’s a phrase I often heard about various singers when I was hanging out. While there will never be another Bob Marley, Luciano did go on the be a serious and respected roots artist, because he refused to give up and had the talent to rise above many of the other at that time. There is even a great scene in the movie “The Harder They Come”, just like this, a group of hungry singers waiting outside to be invited inside to sing for the “Boss”. This is how it starts for many a hungry talented youths. Some are lucky to voice one tune, while others go on to fame and fortune. Keep it up mi bedrin, your time soon come.


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