Garnett Silk

Garnett Silk outside Mixing Lab Studios, Kingston. (1994 )

This is one of the last photos of Garnett Silk before his death in 1994. I had known Garnett from years earlier when I interviewed him for my book “Reggae Island“. At that time he was just getting started in Kingston and was working on his debut album, “It’s Growing” produced by Bobby Digital. He also had several songs on the charts, including the hits “Hello Mama Africa” and “It’s Growing”. When my book finally came out in late 1992 he performed with the Mystic Revealers at the book launch party in Kingston.

I used to see him around at various studios in Kingston when I would make the rounds doing photos. On this particular day I was at Mixing Lab for some reason and spotted Garnett, he was outside taking a break from a session he was doing. We chatted a bit and I took about a dozen or so photos and then said goodbye and went on my way. It was about three weeks later when I heard the news that he died tragically in a house fire.

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