New Creation

By: Brian Jahn

May 16 2018

Category: Reggae music


Shooting on the beach, New Creation, in Trinidad. (1998?)

Here is another shot from way back. This was a project for the popular Trinidad band “New Creation”. I had got a call from this guy at Eddy Grant’s record label to see if I would be interested in shooting this band he was promoting called “New Creation”. They were a 5 guy vocal group climing up the charts in Trinidad and had a good following as well. I was going down to Jamaica anyway so I figured I would just fly from Kingston to Port of Spain, Trinidad for 3 days, do the shoot then fly back to Kingston.

I will try to make this very long story short. When I arrived in Port os Spain, I was supposed to be picked up by my contact, but no one was there to pick me up. I waited and waited and finally heard my name on the loudspeaker to go meet my party. I found them and it was a mini entourage, we said our hello’s, then they gathered in a big circle and prayed for me and my visit. This was a new one for me. We all loaded up in our vans and left to start our journey. Trinidad was beautiful, it reminded me of Jamaica except more green and wet.

The next morning we off to look at several different locations and shoot what we could. The weather was OK with off and on rain, but was fine for shooting. I got to see some beautiful spots around the area and was quite impressed with the landscape, I do hope to get back someday. It was a real bust day I think we shot at 4 or 5 locations and they wanted to do more but I had to say that was enough since we were chasing light by now. Being close to the equator, it makes your day much longer since you have almost 12 hours of daylight to use. Later that night they took me to a few popular clubs, giving me the VIP treatment where ever I went, it was fun.

The following day was much of the same but at some point I was not feeling well, but had to continue. The last location was in an upscale neighborhood with lots of old wood houses, was real nice. At one point I wanted some coconut water but the coconut guy was not around, but his coconuts and machete were. I was so thirsty I decided to help myself, so I grabbed the machete and a coconut and went to town. The guys were really surprised that I knew how to use a machete to cut a coconut, “Practice” I said, “Practice”, was funny. Later in the day one of the band members got sick and we ended up stopping early, which was fine with me since I was really trying to get by myself. I had to get better, we had a poetry festival to go to later, featured “Brother Resistance” was pretty cool to be able to see the show. Had some great Indian food & fruits as well. After the festival we went back to their office which was close by, one of the guys had “something special” for me, I knew what he meant so I was ready to go.  We hung out a bit then went back to the festival. For such a religious group of people, they sure did know how to party. Was a great time, I think I ended up getting to sleep at 4 a.m and my plane was at 6 a.m.

So now the fun parts, as I went to check out of the Hilton it turns out my hotel had not been paid for like it was supposed to be. The guy at Eddy Grants, never paid the any of the bills,  so I had to pay before I left. It would turn out that they ended up paying NOTHING, no hotel, no air, no fee. So I never got paid for the trip, I ended up with the bills, and was pissed. Now back in Jamaica I had to fly out to go to British Columbia to visit with a friend (doing work in Jamaica) so it would be another week before I was back in NYC to sort everything out. When I finally got back I find out that Ice Records was going bankrupt and most likely I would not get my money since I was way down on the list of people they owed money too. I guess I should have felt a lot worse about it all, I tried for months to get my money back but eventually gave up. I DID end up having a great trip, met some cool people and I got to see a lot of Trinidad that I would not of seen on my own, plus had a great time so I guess all was not lost. Live and lean

2 comments on “New Creation”

  1. Great atmospheric photo and interesting story. I wonder what became of New Creation?

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