Oku Onuora

Oku Onuora makes a point backstage at NYC’s S.O.B.s club. (199?)

Oku Onuora is considered the father of Dub poetry. He is an intense and passionate individual filled with the revolutionary spirit. Oku’s live shows should never be missed as they are always filled with an energy and vigor that must be experienced, seen and heard. In this photo he was just hanging out backstage (I forget who was performing) reasoning with some people as they hang on every word.

His book of poems “I A Tell” is also out now and you should check it out if possible. The book contains 60 poems and a foreword by Linton Kwesi Johnson, introduction by John Masouri. He is currently working on some new music and his latest video out called “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”. Make sure to check out what he is up to these days, his message is hard, but it’s truth.

2 comments on “Oku Onuora”

  1. Great picture! It captures in the eyes of both Oku and the listeners, the intensity of the words he is speaking. I always liked his powerful poetry and will be heeding your exhortation to check out what he’s currently doing. Many thanks for posting Brian!

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