Tony Brevett

The Melodians Tony Brevett, Brooklyn, NY (1988)

For anyone who has been reading this blog knows that the Melodians have always been one of my favorite rocksteady vocal groups. Way back in the late 1980’s I used to hang out in Brooklyn where NYC’s A-Team Band would practice. Back then the A-Team was one of the premier backing bands for most of the reggae bands that would be touring. For years they backed people like, Culture, Sister Carol, Shinehead, Brigadier Jerry, Frankie Paul, Sugar Minott and more.

I would often just hang out at the rehearsal space, listen and take photos. Right next to the space was a small tailor shop run by none other than The Melodians Tony Brevett. When I first heard this I thought they were kidding me, until I popped in to see for myself. Sure enough he was there, I paid my respect then went back next door. Don One Studio was also right around the corner and occasionally I would shoot some artist there as well. One day when I was hanging out Tony came by and asked me to take a few shots of him. Needless to say I was like, “Sure, no problem”. So here I am in the studio with one of my favorite singers when he grabs a mic and starts singing “Hold On Tight” and “Rivers Of Babylon” two of my favorite Melodians tunes. I was snapping away and getting chills at the same time. I’m thinking to myself, how often does this happen and how lucky am I right now?

Sadly Tony’s voice was forever silenced in 2013 when he passed on due to cancer. I will always remember that moment and his voice.

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