Jack Scorpio

By: Brian Jahn

Jan 12 2017

Category: Reggae music

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Jack Scorpio, Deejay Pan Head and producer Jah Screw. (1992)

This image was shot at Scorpio studio in West Kingston. When I was doing my book “Reggae Island” I used to hang out at all the studios but I probably spent the most time at Scorpio Studio. Scorpio’s was always a busy place with all kinds Deejays always coming and going. On this day I ran into producer Jah Screw (Paul Love) and Mr. Scorpio himself, it was not long till Pan Head showed up. He was a busy guy back then, I used to run into him (Pan Head) at almost every studio I went to, he was recording for everyone. Every time I ran into him he would always ask me to do a shot of him, so I probably have more shots of him than any other Deejay at that time. He was a real good youth, but unfortunately met a tragic early demise at the hands of some gunman.


One comment on “Jack Scorpio”

  1. Wow… This is a nice piece of reggae history right here 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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