Railroad Tracks

Railroad tracks, Montego Bay, 1985.

I haven’t been to Montego bay in ages other than occasionally flying into the airport on my way to Nergil or up the north coast. Just this last week was such an occasion, flew into Mo Bay on the way to a wat to short trip to Negril. I was surprised how much development had been going on there. Back in the day, the mid 1980’s I would be in Mo Bay to shoot Reggae Sunsplash. In those days it still had a pretty “small town” feel to me, so I guess that’s why I was so surprised when I saw all the new hotels & shopping centers. So after seeing the new Mo Bay I thought I would post this image.

I remember shooting this image, I was trying to get off the beaten path of town and find something different to shoot. I did, it was an interesting walk with all kinds of little places close to the tracks. I think at this point the train was still running, now I hear they are trying to revive  some portion of the tracks to take tourist through the countryside.

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