Blue Hole

 Blue hole, Westmoreland. (1994?)

I was told by someone at an ad agency in NYC I was doing some spec work for to go find this place when I go back to Jamaica. Having spent a LOT of time in Negril I was curious what was so special about this place and had to check it out. After some driving around my friend and I finally came across this place. We were the only ones there when we found it. The place we found was run by this Rasta and his (non-Jamaican) girlfriend. I think there were about three “cabins”, more like huts, the huts on “Gilligan’s Island” were luxurious compared to what we had, but you couldn’t beat the location and views, priceless. Our hut (made of wood & woven palm fronds) sat right over the river, it was nice since you could hear the river flowing right under the hut. Right outside the back of our humble abode was the river with its swift current and natural whirlpools, very relaxing indeed.

The place had a very small restaurant with excellent food, it was indeed delicious, but like most good food in Jamaica, it takes forever to get. There was also every kind of (Jamaican) fruit tree imaginable. We stayed a few days just hanging out and walking around the Westmoreland plains just enjoying the peace & tranquility, took lots of pics as well. Upon leaving the Rastaman comes up to us and tactly asks, while tapping his machete in his hand, “do you think I really want everyone to know about this place? I would appreciate if you kept this quiet, just like the place here”, . I assured him we would not tell anyone, and we didn’t..until now.

The only reason I am mentioning it now is that something I found online. It appears it was sold,(maybe he still owns it) but it has been turned into an “eco-resort” of sorts offering secluded tranquility. They have built some new (concrete) buildings and expanded a bit. I may have to go and check it out again someday to see what really gwan

One comment on “Blue Hole”

  1. There is nothing I hate like concrete buildings near water.

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