Mixing Board

Old School Mixing board, Kingston. (1998)

I am not 100% sure what studio this was in but I think it was either at Bunny Lee’s or Jammy’s. This photo was used in the CD booklet (I designed) for Chinna Smith’s Dub It !, the classic Dub version of Mutabaruka’s iconic release Check It !  I worked on the CD, compiling the tracks from Chinna’s master tapes. One or two of the original dubs could not be found, probably due to the common practice back then of recording over older material to save on tape. Two other unreleased Mutabaruka dubs were included as substitutes. Chinna and I searched dozens of tapes but with no luck, I just wished we could of found the originals, … suh it guh.

The CD came out in 2004 but was originally recorded at Tuff Gong in 1982(?) and could possibly be one of the last classic Dub recordings from that era. Dub music is partly about sound delay, but this CD must have the record for delay, coming out 22 years after the original LP was released. Dub It ! also features a who’s who of reggae legendary musicians and is a must for any Dub fan.

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