Toots backstage

Here is a shot of reggae legend Toots Hibbert shortly before going onstage in NYC a few years back. (notice me in the mirror, in tight situations backstage like this I often bounce my light off the mirror onto the subject)

Last year Toots has put all touring on hold after he was hit in the head with a glass Vodka bottle at a show last year in Richmond Virginia. The bottle thrower was sent to jail for 6 months. Toots sued the venue for $20 million dollars for not providing proper security and he also filed a civil action against the bottle thrower for $21 million dollars. According to the papers that were filed : “…caused Hibbert to lose significant income, profits, and benefits and has exposed him to potential liability due to his inability to perform on the previously contracted tour dates. As a further and direct proximate result of Lewis’ conduct, Hibbert has been unable to work at his profession by impairing his ability to compose songs, making it impossible for him to record masters in a timely fashion and accordingly has and will lose wages in an amount to be determined at trial.” He is still recovering and unable to perform.

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