Ruins of a an old Jamaican house on the way to St. Ann’s Bay. (2001)

Long before I had even heard of reggae music I had an interest in Jamaica. When I was a young boy I remember reading stories about Jamaica and the pirates who made it their home. There are surprisingly quite a few ruins left of  Jamaica’s historical past, if you know where to look.

One of the oldest churches on the island is St Peter’s Church, it was founded in 1671. Many buildings from the 1700’s are still standing and are used today as private homes and for businesses. Many buildings of the early 1700’s were built on the foundations of earlier buildings destroyed during the war with the Spanish that ended in 1655.

Jamaica is also, oddly enough, home to the oldest golf course in the western hemisphere. The Manchester Club Golf Course was built in 1865 and is believed to be the oldest surviving golf club in the western hemisphere. So if you’re an adventurous type Jamaica has so many things to see, from the Taino’ petroglyphs, waterfalls, caves and plantation great houses to Bob Marley’s house, so much to see and not enough time. When I lived in Jamaica we traveled pretty extensively throughout the island and I was always amazed at what we found. That’s why they say “come back to Jamaica”, because there is so much beauty to see.




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