Peter Tosh

Peter Tosh live at the Front Row Theater outside Cleveland, OH. (9/15/1982)

I’ve always loved Peter Tosh for his music and of course his revolutionary spirit. I was lucky enough to see him four times before he was tragically gunned down. This show was particularly great because it was Jimmy Cliff and his Oneness Band (led by Earl “Chinna” Smith) and Tosh with the Word Sound & Power Band (with Donald Kinsey), so how could it not be a great show. This tour was supporting Peter Tosh’s “Mama Africa” album  and Jimmy Cliff’s “Special” in 1982.

The Front Row Theater is a round venue so the dressing rooms are in the back by the entrance so the band has to pass through the isles to get onstage. We had pretty close seats (plus the stage revolves) so it was cool to see Jimmy Cliff come out and walk right by us playing his drum. The same for Tosh, walking by in his white robe singing “Coming In Hot”. This is a pretty crappy photo unfortunately and also the only surviving photo from 32 years ago. I’m missing a lot of good images from back then most the negatives and slides seemed to have vanished over the years. I still remember this show pretty well, the quality of the music was simply awesome.

2 comments on “Peter Tosh”

  1. Nice ,,, do you know if anyone has photos with Peter and his M16 or live gigs on cd

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