Sister Carol & Sugar Minott

Sister Carol and Sugar Minott on stage at S.O.B.’s in New York City. (May 22, 1998)

This shot was from one of those wicked shows S.O.B.’s used to have, Sugar Minott & The Black Cinderella were both on the bill. I remember this show was great, all hits and not to mention having Sugar join Sis onstage for a few songs. I think around this time Sugar was living in NYC and I used to see him often backstage at shows. Sister Carol used to play there pretty regular, as did a host of other reggae artist. S.O.B.’s was thee place for reggae back then with crucial shows every few weeks. Now not much goes on as far as reggae goes.

New York’s reggae seen has dwindled some since then but we still get some amazing shows. Tonight Michael Rose is playing at B.B. King’s with Sister Carol, if I didn’t have this killer cold I would be there in a heartbeat, am tempted but don’t think it would be a good idea for me. Jah know I will be there in spirit.

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