Dance Posters

Dance posters adorn a wall in downtown Kingston. (1996)

Dance posters can be seen plastered on walls and buildings all over Kingston. Jamaica has always had great poster art tradition going back to the Ska era where the different clubs competed for patrons. Today is no different, dance posters can still be seen most everywhere. There is no shortage of weekly dances in Kingston so competition for attendance is fierce. Wether it’s for Stone Love, Metro Media, Kilimanjaro, Super D or any of a number of sound systems, every sound advertises their event. Walls, fences and telephone poles are the prefered places to advertise.

Collectors have snatched up posters from telephone polls or anywhere they can pull them off (in one piece). There was even a book published recently of posters from the collection of Jamaican film maker Maxine Walters, “Jamaican Dancehall Signs“. Check it out if you can, it has some great images of classic dancehall signage.

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