Grave in Cockpit Country

The grave of British soldier James Twibill’s wife.

I have tried to find out more information on this grave site but there is little to be found. It’s located deep in the cockpit country up on a hill. James Twibill was in the 58th Foot Regiment that was stationed in Jamaica, his wife, Harriot died on November 15th in 1846. Most of those who died, died from tropical diseases like yellow fever or malaria. Another killer was bad rum, or “new rum” which was improperly distilled by machinery that contained lead. In 1796 41% of the arriving soldiers died from fevers and from 1793-1802 close to 50,000 of those stationed in the Caribbean died from illness.

3 comments on “Grave in Cockpit Country”

  1. Thanks for the abovementioned info. Ensigh & Quarter Master James Twibill was in fact in the 68th (not 58) Durham infantry of Foot. His wife Harriott was buried in 1840 (not 1846). A mis-reading because of an eroded ‘0’ which has/had ‘fattened’ sides. The 68th was in Jamaica from 1838/39 (from Gibraltar) until their transfer to Canada a few years later (1841?). They were largely in Maroon Town/Flagstaff in Cockpit Country, St James. Some members were also in Lucea, capital of Hanover Parish and at Falmouth.
    Harriott is buried next to Colour Sgt Charles Ross (January 1840 aged 26.6 yrs) of James Twibill’s Regiment.
    – LLV

  2. James Twibill is my 2 x Great Grandfather. I have to say that I think LLV is mistaken. James was with the South Staffordshire Regiment (38th and 80th Foot). He married Harriet Muir in 1832 in Kent, England. She was one of five wives. Their daughter Emma was born in about 1842 in Corfu, Greece. Harriet was born in 1814 which fits with her age (32) given on the grave, assuming she died in 1846, not 1840.

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