The Soup Eaters

Two bredrin enjoy some early morning soup. (3/1/92)

This image was shot about 8 in the morning after being up all night listening to the bass thumping sounds of Joseph Hill’s Chanel 7 Sound System. Joseph had invited me up to the country for a party at one of his relatives homes up in the mountains. He was bringing his sound system up to play at Snake Hill in St. Catherine. I had the most incredible time but little did I know I would  be there ALL weekend. People came from all over the nearby countryside to enjoy the music, it was a great party with good people.

There may have been no electricity up in the hills, but there sure was PLENTY of mosquitoes. The mosquitoes were so bad you had to burn a smoldering fire of green leaves by your feet so the smoke would keep the bugs away. I still got eaten alive anyway.

“Foody”, the cook, was on top of things with his amazing culinary skills. The corn soup was a hit, the perfect morning meal.

One comment on “The Soup Eaters”

  1. Great story. I would love to see any pictures of Joseph Hill with his sound system

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