The Encyclopedia Of Reggae

Released last month is the new Encyclopedia of Reggae: The Golden Age Of Roots Reggae. The book is pretty hefty at over 330 pages and 500 plus photos. The main focus of the book is reggae from the 1960’s to the mid 80’s. The book is written by Mike Alleyne, who is a Professor of cultural and economic history of Caribbean music at Middle Tennessee State University, he is also a music critic,  journalist and frequent lecturer.

It’s an honor for me to have many of my photos throughout this amazing book, I think they did a great job.

The books forward is written by Sly Dunbar. Of course in a book like this you can’t include everyone but the artist selection is pretty comprehensive and well researched. There is also a pretty massive collection of vintage photos from some of reggae’s best photographers. The book is worth it for the photos alone. With the holidays soon approaching this is the perfect gift for any reggae fan. Below is a description from Amazon.

” This heavily illustrated guide to reggae is a colorful, herbally endowed, and sunsplashed history of one of the world’s most popular musical styles. Reggae was born in 1960s Jamaica, a potent mix of such indigenous genres as ska and rocksteady plus R&B, jazz, and traditional African rhythms. Before long, it had conquered the globe, influencing musicians from Britain to Brazil. The Encyclopedia of Reggae focuses on the music’s golden age, from the late 1960’s to the mid-1980’s heyday of dancehall, and features more than 500 images, including rare album art and ephemera. Written by one of the foremost experts on the subject, this amazing resource profiles more than 200 key performers, impresarios, and producers from reggae’s history.”

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