Reggae Sunsplash Crowd At Night

Forgive my lapse in posting, hurricane Sandy mashed things up pretty good around here. No power for over a week. I was more fortunate than others who lost everything. For all those people still in need, hold tight and Jah guide.

This image was shot during a break at Reggae Sunsplash in Montego Bay, 1989. The crowds back then would get pretty large, Dancehall night would bring in 30-40,000 people. I remember when there was a band change it would become a real challenge to venture out through the crushing crowd to get food. Most of all you didn’t want to give up your cherished photo spot. To fight the long delays I used to keep a small camping hammock in my camera bag that I would hang up under the stage to rest when I could.

One comment on “Reggae Sunsplash Crowd At Night”

  1. 1989 was a good year for reggae music. I found it very difficult to decide on the order of this year’s ‘best of’.

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