Beach Beauty

Beach beauty at Hellshire beach. (1999)

This girl was a friend of a friend of mine and had asked me to shoot some photos of her out at the beach. By now I didn’t have much time to do any more photos since I was leaving the island in a few days and already had a bit of work to finish before I left.

Around 7 in the morning, the day I’m leaving, Carlton comes to me and says to me “Your bredrin come check fi you at the gate”. I was up already so I go out and there he was with this woman in the car. I greeted them both and he says “Briaaan, let’s go to Hellshire”. It was a beautiful Kingston morning as usual and my flight wasn’t until one o’clock so I said OK, why not. I figured what a better way to spend my last hours in Jamaica than at Hellshire beach.

Arriving out at Hellshire about eight o’clock the beach was pretty empty. We walked down a ways away from all the food shacks to a more secluded spot among the giant rocks on the beach. We ended up taking a quite a few photos, the picture above is one of  the more tame images from the shoot. I ended up getting the shots she wanted so we were all happy.

Once we finished we went over to my other bredrin’s food shack and had some awesomely delicious red snapper & festival for breakfast. After we ate we headed back to Kingston to drop her off. We picked up my luggage and head out to the airport. I got inside just in time to check in and board my plane. I was right after all, there was no better way to spend the last few hours in Jamaica.

As I mentioned before, the UK reggae webzine site Shimmy Shimmy  did a small piece on my reggae work. Check them out at the link below.

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