Albert Griffiths

Albert Griffiths of the Gladiators at Reggae Sunsplash in 1994.

I’ve always like the Gladiators sound and their shows are always pretty rootsy. Griffiths who grew up in that hot bed of music, Trench Town  formed The Gladiators in 1968 with David Webber and Errol Grandison. Shortly after Webber developed a serious mental illness and was replaced by Clinton Fearon. Grandison left not long after to be with his family. They continued on as a duo until the early 1970’s with the addition of Gallimore Sutherland. Now once again a trio The Gladiators continued to keep the roots tradition alive (in one form or another) ever since.

This performance at Sunsplash was no different. Some of the tunes they played that hot August night, “Small Axe”, “Highway Robbery”, “Stick A Bush”, Jah Jah Time Has Come”, “Roots Natty”. There is a nice live recording of this show out there.

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