Ganja Plane

Once loaded with ganja, a twin-engine Beechcraft sits empty in a cow pasture near St. Ann’s Bay (1987)

This was one of two ganja planes in the pasture that apparently never made it off the Island. Jamaica is one of the major producers of ganja and it’s a huge business on the Island. Because of this many small hidden airstrips dot the island waiting for smugglers to land. For some reason, maybe it’s the bullet holes in the rear had something to do with it, but this plane never took off. Judging by the shape the plane was in it looked like it had been there at least 10 years or more.

The last time I saw this plane, several years ago, it had been turned into a roadside bar. An enterprising person had taken off the wings and dragged the plane near the roadside and turned it into a little bar/restaurant tourist spot. I had to stop when I saw it again. I told the owner my story of years ago shooting lots of photos of the planes. In turn he told me his story of dragging it out of the field with a tractor.

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