Burning Spear Poster

Burning Spear poster at Bongo Seely’s. (1987)

I saw this poster in a back room at “The Wicker Man”, Bongo Seely’s place near Dunn’s River Falls. Bongo Seely was a cool guy, and a well-known Rastaman in the area, I think he was even in one of the early reggae books in the 1970’s. He was known as the wicker man because his talent for making all things wicker. He ran this bar/restaurant near the falls and it was all made of wicker. It had wicker walls, wicker bar, stools, chairs, lights, everything was wicker. After hurricane Gilbert passed through in 1988 devastating much of Jamaica, his place, not too far from the beach, sustained relatively minor damage, losing part of the roof but the wicker held everything else together.

Bongo Seely knew Winston Rodney and had him sign the poster for his shop.

Am not sure if he is still around anymore but I think his son Ras-I was also running the place with him. If anyone has been there  or knows if the place is still around let me know.

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