Trench Town Christmas

Kids with their Christmas presents on First Street in Trench Town. (1995)

12/25/95 – A very beautiful Christmas day ! I treated myself by sleeping in until almost one o’clock. I burned a few spliffs then walked into New Kingston. I met up with Tex and the crew and we hung out at Pedro’s for a while and drank a few beers. Tex had the Japanese posse with him today. I met the Japanese photographer Tatsu, apparently he knew who I was and admired my work. He seemed like a cool guy, we shared a lot of the same photographic views. It was good to talk to someone for a change who knew what I was trying to do and understood it. He was familiar with of my work and said some of it reminded him of Robert Frank, it was a great compliment indeed. He said we probably have the same style of shooting, for some reason I agreed even though I have not seen any of his photos. I wanted to talk more but had to head downtown, we said we would try to hook up at his hotel before he left. I called his hotel later and he had left already so will try to track him down while he is in NYC.

I hung out in New Kingston for several hours, was pretty quiet, not much traffic. Drank several Red Stripes and burned a few more spliffs then decided to head down to Trench Town. I tried two taxis but none wanted to drive me down to Trench Town (a common problem) finally Tony said he would drive me, he didn’t really know where I was going, Fuzzy said he would tag along as well. Once Tony saw where Fuzzy and I going he blurts out “I’m not going down to Rema!” and I said “No were going to Trench Town”. It turns out Fuzzy was OK (politically) there so all was cool, I didn’t want to bring him and have problems. I introduced him to some of the bredrin there and  was all good, he said now he can bring some Japanese down there for a tour. We hung out about three hours or so and I walked around taking photos, got some of the kids and their gifts. It turns out the dance for the night was postponed until Wednesday night, is just as well I thought, I’m tired and am not feeling like hanging out all night drinking. I hailed a cab to take me back to Halfway Tree, charged me $J150, a good price. As it urns out this Rasta cab driver grew up a few doors down from Rita Marley and he also knew quite a few of the Trench Town artists from way back. I got the drivers number (Jah Earl has been my driver from that day on) so I just   relaxed for a quiet, but hot Christmas evening.

One comment on “Trench Town Christmas”

  1. As you can imagine, especially love this shot. The guy with the shades is too much. This one is going up on my office wall. Roslyn has gone to France to link up with Bronco who is helping to promote the Trench Town Reading Centre, along with his new album. Said she was going to call you so maybe you have spoken to her.
    My father sent me Cariou’s book for Christmas, just opened the package.
    Hope you had a beautiful Christmas, did you get to JA?
    Wishing you all the very best for 2012
    Much Love

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