Car, Portmore

Wrecked car in Portmore. (2000)

This is where I shot the cover of the Chaka Demus and Pliers CD “Help Them Lord” that RAS records put out back in 2000. Below are some notes from that day on December 14th.

12/14/2000 – Got up about 8:30 and the sun is beating down hard again. Had some bush tea and cornmeal porridge for breakfast, which was awesome, Carlton can make some wicked food. I called the cab company and told them to have Jah Earl pick me up at 1:30. When he arrived we had to go pick up a regular passenger of his first so we ended up leaving Half Way Tree about 2:00. I was supposed to meet Chaka & Pliers at Jolly’s (restaurant) in Portmore around 2:30, but of course there is no sign either of them yet. Jah Earl and I hung out a the bar watching the pelicans dive for fish, was making me hungry, or maybe it was the smell of roasting fish outside. We ordered some beers and about 15 minutes later Chaka Demus showed up so I told Jah Earl to come back around five or so to pick me up.

About 20 minutes later Pliers showed up. I brought each of them a signed copy of Reggae Island (they appeared in the first edition in 1992), they loved the book, thought it was a great project and wanted me to do some more picture another time, cool with me. So far while waiting I think I had four or five Red Stripes and Chaka Demus had several glasses of Brandy, when Pliers showed up he ordered some Cognac, so I guess we were ready to shoot. I drove with Pliers in his decked out black pick-up truck. He drove to some ghetto lane where I got out and checked it out with one of the bredrin outside, looked like a cool spot to shoot, found a place near this wrecked car. They wanted a group of kids in the shot so one of the guys rounded up about a dozen kids to sit on and around the car. I used the fish eye lens and shots both color and b&w. With the sun setting we did about five different shots, I think they should be happy.

Chaka Demus drove me back to Jolly’s and we got there about 5:30, Jah Earl wasn’t there yet so I waited and had Maria (we’re now on a first name basis) get me a next Red Stripe. Jah Earl showed up about ten minutes later with his girlfriend. We decided to have some more drinks since we now had to wait for the bridge to open back up at 7. It’s a beautiful night with a slight breeze and lots of stars, by this time I thought I could see the space station, or maybe it was just all the drinks and ganja. We enjoyed the cool ocean breeze and several more beers before getting on our way. I got home by 8 and my bredrin Tom called and said we were not going out tonight, there would be more going on tomorrow night. Am not much feeling like going out by now anyway so is a good thing, jus’ gonna stay home and watch TV.


2 comments on “Car, Portmore”

  1. Great story and keep bringing those brilliant pics Brian!

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