Dog Bite

My ankle after I was attacked by four dogs in Manor park, Kingston. (1992)

1/27/1992 – I took a walk down the hill to the Manor Park plaza for some supplies and to drink a few beers at my regular food cart. On my way back up the hill I was attacked by four dogs. I must have spooked two dogs from one house, they started barking and spooked two other dogs across the street. As I walked up the street they all came running out at me, biting my ankle pretty bad. I was drinking a Heineken at the time and used it to spray the dogs and hit them with the bottle, but they still got me. There is about three clean bites, the longest being about an inch and a half and some teeth marks. The bite is just below my ankle bone, and it hurt like hell but didn’t bleed as much as I thought. I probably could have got stitches but I decided against it.

The lady came running out of her house calling off her dogs, saying how very, very sorry she was, asking if I was alright. Later at the house Harris, my friend asked me,”So yu want me to go later and kill ’em (the dogs) for you?” I thought about it for a second and told him that no it would be OK. He said ” Well at least you should get some money from her.” I washed my bites good and went to bed a bit later.

After about a week l decided to go to a doctor and get a tetanus shot just in case, he said I did a good job cleaning it all up. Because of where the bite was I couldn’t wear shoes for about four months, only sandals.

(To this day I still don’t have much feeling around my ankle where I was bitten.)

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