Dermot Hussey

Jamaican music historian Dermot Hussey at home with some his music collection. (2000)

Dermot Hussey has been a figure in the Jamaican broadcasting and music industry for over 30 years. He was awarded the Musgrave Medal for his services in music and media in 2007 and in 2008 was inducted into the Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Hall of Fame for his contribution to music. And in 1987 he was the one who read the eulogy for Peter Tosh at his funeral.

Hussey has written books, liner notes, consulted on films and was program director at XM radio and hosts the show, Riffin which airs five times a week on channel 42 “The Joint”.

4 comments on “Dermot Hussey”

  1. B – great shot. fyi – he’s not the PD for 3 years now. i am 🙂 umjustsayin. love.

  2. Mr. Hussey, my husband (a Trinidadian) & I love listening to you on Sirius “The Joint”…your knowledge of Jamaican music is profound. Since you are the expert in JA music, is the following true? WST website has a audio of calypsonion Roaring Lion singing “Baboolala” in February 1938. One of the comments was that this recording was proof that the reggae beat was in Trinidad before Jamaica…is this true? (Sidebar: FYI…my uncle was Lord Jellicoe of “Lord Jellicoe and His Calypso Monarchs”)

  3. Hi to all, here is the “calypso” from 1938 which sounds very much like a preamble to Ska/Rocksteady/Reggae? Kindly listen to it:

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