Skatalites Drummer Lloyd Knibb

Lloyd Knibb rocking a large drum kit at Don One Studio in Brooklyn on December 18, 2006.

Knibb was in the studio to play with current Skatalite trumpeter Kevin Batchelor on his solo project. Knibb and the rest of the Skatalites are currently in Brasil on what’s become a near annual leg of their continual world tour. Knibb and saxophonist Lester Sterling are the only two players from the original nine member group who remain in the band in 2011. The other surviving member, bassist Lloyd Brevett has retired from performing and is living in Jamaica. Lloyd Knibb also celebrated his 80th birthday last month!

Again, thanks to Brian Keyo for contributing this post. (

4 comments on “Skatalites Drummer Lloyd Knibb”

  1. Hello I don’t see a contact but I wanted to let you know that I posted one of your photos to my skatalites page with proper credit for knibbs being ill at this time. It’s a great shot of the man in action.


  2. I pray for you, the last time we’ve met, you delivered a hell of show here in Osaka, I was electrified, impressed by the sound that didn’t change despite the absence of most original members. I remember the first time. It was the reggae sunsplash 1992 in Germany, what a performance, then years later here in Japan 2006 when you performed with Rico Rodriguez for the first time at the Fuji Rock Festival, and recently when you came here with Gaz and the Trojans.

    Jah bless

  3. My deepest apology, I am so embarassed, after posting my first message, I noticed that it’s too late. I am sorry, I wasn’t aware of the death of Mr. Lloyd Knibb.

    My deepest sympathy and condolences to all the family

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