Prince Malachi

Prince Malachi at Hellshire beach outside of Kingston. (1999)

This photo was for the Someone Watch Over We CD on RAS Records.

From my notes:

2/3/99 – Called Malachi this morning, no luck. I went into New Kingston to the Hilton, I need to get some sun. The pool guy tried to charge me $J350 to use the pool. I went back to see if Tex was in back, he was and said “Jus go tell Hector is all right”. I went and got a towel from Hector, no charge this time, and took a swim. I was told that last night some gunmen tried to rob the hotel. They ended up robbing the bellman and the security guard, one shot was fired but no one was hurt. This is a pretty bold move for any gunman and am sure the Hilton is not very happy about this. I hung out at the pool for about an hour or so till it started to cloud up, then went over to hang out with the crew for a bit and drink a few beers. I was supposed to meet Malachi about 3 and go out to Hellshire and shoot the photos. I finally reach him on the phone, supposed to meet me around 3:30. He shows up pretty much on time but now he doesn’t have his clothes so we make plans for tomorrow morning. Just hung out at home and made some calls.

2/4/99 – I got up about 8, and no Malachi. He shows up an hour later and now it totally overcast! I tell him to come back at 3 and we’ll try again.We have to get this shoot done, I want to go to the country this weekend. I called Augustus Pablo about his photos. It turns out he was going to call me today in New York. I told him he must have picked up on my vibes about calling him. Pablo said he needs some pictures for some CD this  Brazilian company is putting out, a compilation of some kind. Am still waiting for Malachi to call me back, is now 4. I called Jah Earl to come by and give me a ride into New Kingston. I just hung out at the pool bar and had a few Red Stripes. Finally I get  in touch with Malachi, it’s almost too late now but he says we can do this, he’s ready.

I’m Thinking it’s 4:30 now and with traffic it’s going to take an hour to get out to Hellshire. I get Tex and we head out. Got there and Malachi and his crew are there already, am really surprised. We go over to Jah Moons place to shoot, he has some colorful Rasta paintings on the walls. We shoot a few different places for about a half hour and that’s it, got some good shots I think. Now of course Tex and I have to stay for some fish and festival and to let the rush hour traffic ease up. (I shot this image waiting for our fish) I Love this place. We went back to Martina’s room and hung out a bit then picked up Tony and went over to Carlo’s Cafe, its Latin night, was pretty weak. I ran into Errol, JC Lodge’s husband, he said she’s doing some children’s music and TV commercials now. The place was not really happening so we just had a few beers then Tex dropped me home.

7 comments on “Prince Malachi”

  1. I’ve got the Watch Over We CD and I always liked the photo on the cover, didnt know it was yours Brian. But it also made me think how much better quality a physical product is when looking at a photo, than a computer screen. Thanks for the interesting anecdote also.

    • Thanks, I agree is always better to be able physically hold something and be able to look at it. I liked this pic and thought it would be a good shot for inside the CD package. I guess they had other ideas since they didn’t use it at all. Also the sun never really came out much that day but I still got some great shots.

      I also have to say I think the CD was highly under-rated. Did you like it?

  2. Well I’m a sucker for those 90s Fatis productions so yes of course, it is a very good set but Malachi never got really got the ratings he deserved.

  3. I think he’s back in the UK Brian.

  4. I think there may be the odd 45 but nothing major like an album.

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