Security, Reggae Sunsplash

An armed private security guard backstage at Reggae Sunsplash in Montego Bay. (1989)

Bad bwoy fire M-16, policeman fire AK-47, soldier man dem a fire LSR – “M16” Sammy Dread

Of all the years I attended Reggae Sunsplash I saw very little violence other than the occasional fight, security was always pretty heavy. There was that one time during Yellowman’s set in 1986 when a policeman caused a stampede when he lowered his gun on a suspect. There was also another time when a pickpocket was backstage working his trade and was discovered, he suffered a vicious beating, (to death) according to reports he later died in custody. Other than a few incidences I never saw many problems, just good vibes and great music.

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