Trench Town

A lone watchdog stands guard near 1st street in Trench Town, Jamaica. (1996)

“Sorry fi maga dog, him turn around bite you”     – The Wailers

The name Trench Town, carried around the world in the music of reggae superstar Bob Marley, has acquired almost mythical status. Today, Trench Town is synonymous with Jamaican culture for millions more reggae fans from Copenhagen to Tokyo. One of Jamaica’s most impoverished areas, Trench Town has been the breeding ground for two of Jamaica’s most enduring exports: reggae and Rastafarianism.

Trench Town has a reputation for being  a rough place but it’s full of good people. The list of great entertainers that came out of Trench Town is a long one. It’s most famous resident was undoubtedly Bob Marley but we can’t forget the others like: Ken Boothe, Alton Ellis, Bunny Wailer, Joe Higgs, Roy Wilson, Dean Frasier, “Skully” Simms,  Ijahman Levi, Delroy Wilson, Jimmy & Desmond Tucker, Johnny Johnson, Arthur “Bunny” Robinson, Eddie Parkins, Curtis Watson,  Wailing Souls and more.

Not just a musical hot bed, Trench Town has also produced some of Jamaica’s most famous athletes, activists, and political figures, here’s the short list: Bunny Grant (boxer) Collie Smith (athlete) Marlon Tucker (cricket captain), Pernel Charles (politician), D.C. Tavares (politician), Wilton Hill (politician), Linton Grahm (Colonel JDF), Father Forsyth, Father Hugh Sherlock (wrote national anthem), Mortimer Plano (Rasta elder), Sam Brown (Rasta activist), Howard Hewitt (Curly Locks/activist), Carlton Sinclair (radio pioneer), Rhygin (famous gunman) and the notorious police Captain, Keith “Trinity” Gardener.

Big up to all the Trench Town massive, Jah guide and protect !

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