Julian Marley

Julian (Juju) Marley live in Jamaica. (2001)

The UK born son of Bob Marley was recently in Jamaica working on his next recording project at the 56 Hope Road studio in Kingston. The still unnamed project is being produced by Julian along with brothers Stephen & Damian Marley, this will be Julian’s 4th CD.

Interviewed recently by Basil Walters for the Jamaican Observer, here is part of what he had to say about the current state of reggae music.

“In this time you have a whole heap of different messages being passed around in the music now a days, y’know. You have this negativity thing which is being instilled into the children minds coming up. That all them must know when dem grow up is wah, gun shot and drugs or young girls or party every night. When right now we have a lot of very important things fi even deal wid as a people.”

“So, as I sey, we need to nourish this music as reggae music. Because we travel all over and we get to see the love. And when we come home we nah hear dem tune yah. Just the other day me ask someone if dem know Dennis Brown and dem sey no. And the person is about 30, and I’m saying wow!”

“Me travel to Switzerland, and me travel to Turkey, some place weh you wouldn’t even know sey reggae music deh deh so, when you reach deh di amount a roots you a hear, you sey wow, these people are eating from our root.”

“When we are here don’t even get to eat from our root because we are eating from somebody’s else root. Like the hip hop root or dis element root when we have our own root. So me want di people dem fi know right now reggae music is big and we a deal wid it small….when you travel you get fi see how big reggae music is and how fi market it.”

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